The Weekly Dish: 07/14/2012

Lissie is great!  I love this album.  Can’t wait for her to come out with another one.

Here is the Weekly Dish!  These are recipes for this blog for the last week.

Tropical Ice Pops

Cherry Leather


Bawlmer Style Steamed Shrimp

Here are recipes from blogs I follow!


Peach and Ricotta Pancakes from The Best Remedy


Roasted Blackberry and Brie Bruschetta from Baking Serendipity


Coconut Raspberry Banana Bread from Crepes of Wrath

Garlic Naan from Elephantine


Coconut Horchata (Horchata de Coco) from girlichef

Vanilla Peach Champagne Punch from Vegetarian ‘Ventures


Watermelon, Lemon and Lime Popsicles from Kitchen Belleicious

Just Peachy Cocktail from The Best Remedy

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