Bloody Marys and Mimosas!

I love brunch drinks!  They are so yummy.  And it is weird to have a mimosa later in the day.

This has become a tradition.  Haha!  Getting together around good food with great people.  I am so happy I get to do this every month and that we still fit in my apt! 🙂

I realize that mimosas don’t really need a recipe, but I still want to put one.  And getting the bloody mary recipe out of Annie was too funny!  She is one of those a little bit of this a little bit of that type of people.

Mimosas by my mama!


  • 1 part champagne
  • 1 part orange juice


Combine and enjoy!

Bloody Mary

Annie made these lovely drinks.


  • 1 part vodka
  • 2-3 parts tomato juice
  • Splash of pickle juice
  • Two shakes of celery salt
  • A few dashes of worchester sauce
  • Tabasco to taste (siracha works in a pinch)


1. Mix well preferably with ice.  Garnish as desired.  Get your afternoon drunk on (unless you are driving then more pickle juice minus vodka) enjoy!


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