#Figlove: Cheese Stuffed Figs with Toasted Walnuts

October is #figlove month!!!  I am hosting this month.  In the past I participated in #peachlove, #tomatolove, #icecreamlove, #pastalove, #berrylove, #greenslove, #chocolatelove.

This month was #figlove.  I have never cooked with figs before and I can’t even remember if I have had figs before.  So I was a little concerned.  I did not want to make some large dish and then not like the figs.  Then I found this appetizer/side dish item.  With cheese and walnuts.  I love cheese and nuts, so I thought this would be a place to start with figs.

I decided to make these for my dinner party, because if I did not like them there would still be a lot of people around to eat them.  I really took the easy way out.  But I loved them!!!  I am now looking for more fig recipes.  I hope you enjoy this recipe and go check out the co-hosts who have created their own wonderful fig recipes.

Cheese Stuffed Figs with Toasted Walnuts

This recipe was adapted from Aggie’s Kitchen


  • 24 dried figs
  • 1/4 cup crumbled gorgonzola cheese
  • 1/4 cup fresh grated asiago cheese
  • pinch fresh ground pepper
  • 24 toasted walnuts


1. In a small bowl combine gorgonzola, asiago, and fresh ground pepper.  Using a small knife, make slit into side of the dried figs.  Don’t cut them in half, just almost in half.

2. Using your hands, stuff the dried figs with some cheese.  Top with the walnuts and press down.  Enjoy!

Here is the list of co-hosts!!

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8 thoughts on “#Figlove: Cheese Stuffed Figs with Toasted Walnuts

  1. Like you, I am discovering how good the figs are. I think that figs have been underrated! I love cheese and walnuts, and now figs in this appetizer. I ave to make this soon.

  2. This is a classic super easy but perfect party recipe. The figs with nuts and cheese are in harmony. Sending loads of fig love your way. So happy you like figs. We are nuts about them! 🙂

  3. I have decided figs, nuts, and some sort of cheese definitely go together! Your #figlove dish looks delicious, and I love how easy it is-perfect for an afternoon snack or last minute cocktail appetizer! Happy #figlove!!!

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