Fried Green Tomatoes- Guest Post from Supper For a Steal

Hi! I’m Lane from Supper for a Steal. I’m excited to be posting over here today and sharing something a little different than I typically blog about. Usually you can find me menu planning and creating recipes around the weekly Publix ad, but today I am sharing a recipe I love, fried green tomatoes.

I was a little worried that green tomatoes would be hard to find this late in the season, but I was at a local produce market over the weekend and saw some beautiful, huge, green beefsteak tomatoes.

Being a southern girl I love all fried foods and fried green tomatoes are such a guilty pleasure when we go out to eat. When I stumbled across Southern Living’s fried green tomato recipe and saw how simple the ingredients were I knew they would be making an appearance in my kitchen soon.

We like to dip these in jalapeno ranch dressing for a little kick. With all that extra buttermilk you will have you could whip up a quick batch yourself.

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Southern Buttermilk Fried Chicken

At the dinner party my friend, Leslie, made some delicious chicken!!  I love fried chicken and I always have difficulty making it.  I just have not found the perfect recipe or timing.

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The Hunger Games: Pancakes with Orange Preserves

This is an ongoing series of food related to The Hunger Games, here are the links to the other recipes- Peeta’s raisin nut bread, the bakery bread Katniss and Gale eat in the woods, Lunch with Cinna, District 11 bread (crescent rolls with seeds), Mellark’s Apple and Goat Cheese Tarts, Goose Liver and Puffy Bread, Lamb Stew and Dried Plums, Cake on Fire, Hot Chocolate,

When I ask if I can serve myself, he nods assent.  I load my plate with eggs, sausages, batter cakes covered in thick orange preserves, slice of pale purple melon.  As I gorge myself, I watch the sun rise over the Capitol.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Katniss, p 87

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