Macaroni and Cheese with Cauliflower and Peas

This was super delicious.  I love macaroni and cheese!  And if you add peas and cauliflower that makes it healthy, right?  I can dream.

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Enchilada Stuffed Mushrooms

These were so easy to make!!  I love stuffed mushrooms.  I have never made them before and for some reason I thought they would be hard to make.  Well, they were super easy.  Now I need to find a few more recipes and we are so in business!!

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Spicy Grilled Cheese

Earlier this week I biked all the way to school.  Which road trip is 18.6 miles!!  I get to school and find out it is student success day, which means all classes are canceled.  Way to be a kill joy!  Oh well, I was exhausted and decided to eat near by so I could rest my legs a little.  I went to Nina’s cafe and they had this delicious grilled cheese with cayenne pepper and sunflower seeds.  I have never tried that.  And it was amazing!

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Irish Potato Casserole

For St. Paddy’s day I had a potluck/ everyone cook at my apt.  And it worked really well!  YAY!  I think I am going to have one once a month or so.  It really was a blast and was super easy.  I was kind of astonished how easy it was.  Just ask people to come and they make such amazing food and tell wonderful stories.  Yes, we will have to do this again!

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Cheese Crackers

I can’t decide how I feel about these.  They taste just like Cheese Its.  They have a bit more kick, but that’s adjustable.  I just can’t decide if the effort to make them is worth the pay off?  My coworker thought so, she ate half my batch and asked for the recipe.

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Kitty’s savory treats

Last Sunday, I told you all about my kitty, Pippi, and how she broke her leg.  I had this recipe before she was hurt, but while she was getting the cast on I HAD to make them.  It made me feel better.

You can’t tell this from the photo, but Pippi was trying really hard to get my attention or get me out of the way, so she could get the treats.  She really likes them.  Unless of course you are my dad who spoils her and gives her too many and then they lose their affect for a while.  🙂

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