Banana Nutella Granola

I love granola!  The cocoa hazelnut granola was fantastic and this was stellar too!  I mean if you put nutella in something how can it be bad?

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The Hunger Games: District 11 Bread (Crescent Rolls with Seeds)

This is an ongoing series of food related to The Hunger Games, here are the links to the other recipes- Peeta’s raisin nut bread, the bakery bread Katniss and Gale ate in the woods, the Capitol pancakeslunch with Cinna (chicken in orange sauce),Mellark’s Apple and Goat Cheese Tarts, Goose Liver and Puffy Bread, Lamb Stew and Dried Plums, Cake on Fire, Hot Chocolate,

I open the parachute and find a small loaf of bread.  It’s not the fine white Capitol stuff.  It’s made of dark ration grain and shaped in a crescent.  Sprinkled with seeds.  I flashback to Peeta’s lesson on the various district breads in the Training Center.  This bread came from District 11.  I cautiously lift the still warm loaf.  What must it have cost the people of District 11 who can’t even feed themselves?  How many would’ve had to go without to scrape up a coin to put in the collection for this one loaf?  It had been meant for Rue, surely.  But instead of pulling the gift when she died, they’d authorized Haymitch to give it to me. As a thank-you?  Or because, like me, they don’t like to let debts go unpaid?  For whatever reason, this is a first.  A district gift to a tribute who’s not your own. 

I lift my face and step into the last falling rays of sunlight.  “My thanks to the people of District Eleven,” I say.  I want them to know I know where it came from.  That the full value of their gift has been recognized.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Katniss, p 239

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