Mason Jar Cozy!!!

Ok I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about these.  But I should back up a bit so you understand my excitement.  I am a knitter.  I have not been knitting a ton lately since Pippi came into my life- kitties want to play with my yarn when I knit.  However, I ride the bus a lot now, so my hands are free for about an hour to 2 hours a day.

Also, my thermoses started leaking.  I can’t even begin to tell you how annoying it is to get some coffee or tea on your hand, let alone on your shirt when you are out and a bout.

Both of these changes happened around the same time in my life- more knitting time and leaking thermoses.  Then I found out about Cuppow and my life was changed!!!  Cuppow is a lid  for a mason jar and then you can drink out of it.

The one on the right.  Ok so now it does not matter if I break one mason jar, there are a bunch at home.  Plus, I have never broken one of my mason jars on any of my trips around town.

But if you just put hot tea in a mason jar it is too hot to touch.  But that is an easy problem to solve with a little knitting!!!!

Aren’t they the cutest!!!  I take them to work, to school and if I forget to clean them one night all I have to do is rinse the lid and put it on a different mason jar.  Also, if I want to throw it in my bag when I am finished, I just have to put a normal lid on it and we are all set to go- NO LEAKS!

I found the pattern at Miso Crafty Knits.  Both of mine are the Ribbed pattern.  Do you love mason jars?  This is a perfect way to utilize them in a new way!