Raspberry Pineapple Smoothie

My dad and sister were visiting to go see a Twins game.  This morning the both had to jet off and I made a yummy little breakfast for everyone.

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White Tea Blueberry Smoothie

If this isn’t a breakfast of champions I don’t know what is?  White tea contains a high concentration of antioxidant polyphenols, which is good for you.  Blueberries also have antioxidants.  And then granola!  I mean seriously!  I made the granola a few months ago.  I need to make more!

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Banana Almond Smoothie

I work overnights twice a week.  They are asleep overnights so they are not that bad.  But I never get a good sleep and always feel like I am moving through a fog the next day.  Therefore, I have been looking for snacks and smoothies that will give me a little extra bust during the day.

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