Tea and Cider Wassail

This was fantastic!  One of the best ciders I have ever tried.  I might be adding tea to all my ciders from here on out.  It was just so good.  Warmed the bones 🙂

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Bawlmer Style Steamed Shrimp

I recieved this recipe from my Foodie Pen Pal last month, Leah.  She blogs over at cupcakes and race dates.  She sent me a recipe for shrimp using Old Bay seasoning, which is a big deal in Baltimore, which is where Leah lives.

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Sweet Dreams Tea

I love hot toddies!  They make me so happy.  When I am sick I always have a hot toddy.  I don’t know how long ago I found these recipes, but it was a few years ago and ever since whenever I am sick I look at my hot toddy recipes and find one that will soothe my pains.

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