Wordless Wednesday: Pippi and Mimi


I accept your dare!!

Rachel, over at Elephantine, proposed a challenge!  The challenge was to find a cafe or bakery you’ve never been to, treat yourself to a snack and snap a couple of photos while you’re there.  Try to get these 3 photos: the signage/storefront, the food on display, and a close-up of whatever you order.

I decided to go to the Turtle Bread Company in south Minneapolis for a little birthday indulgence.  My birthday is June 18th, so this post is a long time coming :).  I tried their Opera Cake.  It was heavenly.  I love cake and it was the perfect slice of birthday cake!!

I really enjoyed this challenge, so I might just have to do this again!  What are your favorite cafes and/or bakeries?

Wordless Wednesday: Ridiculousness

Ok I am going to break the wordless wednesday rule- and write.  We were playing a game and I took some pictures of the paper.  So the way you play the game- 1: person writes a sentence, 2: next person draws a picture of it and folds down the paper so the next person can’t see the sentence, 3: next person writes a sentence for the drawing and so on and so forth.  It can be really funny.  ESPECIALLY, if you have no ability to draw, like myself.