#SundaySupper: Tropical Ice Pops

#SundaySupper is a group of bloggers who are on a mission to bring back sunday supper around the family table in every home.  This week the theme is kids in the kitchen!

Aren’t they so cute!!  I don’t have kids, but my mom has a day care.  So I have been around kids all my life.  My first jobs were babysitting and whenever I talk to someone who is nervous around kids, it throws me.  Just because kids have always been a part of my life and I can not imagine what my life would have been like if my mom did not have a day care.

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Banana Bread

I just received a letter from my great aunt Vivian.  She gave me four new recipes!!  It made my day!  I went out and bought bananas that day.

My great aunt Vivian is my favorite great aunt!  She taught me to tie quilts and she has a cross stitch that says you can eat the crumbs off her floor.  She is also very, very old and had cancer before.  And every time I say good bye to her and see ya later.  She replies, “If I am still alive then.”  Which is super morbid, but some how it is always really funny when she says it.

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Banana Nutella Granola

I love granola!  The cocoa hazelnut granola was fantastic and this was stellar too!  I mean if you put nutella in something how can it be bad?

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White Tea Blueberry Smoothie

If this isn’t a breakfast of champions I don’t know what is?  White tea contains a high concentration of antioxidant polyphenols, which is good for you.  Blueberries also have antioxidants.  And then granola!  I mean seriously!  I made the granola a few months ago.  I need to make more!

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Banana Almond Smoothie

I work overnights twice a week.  They are asleep overnights so they are not that bad.  But I never get a good sleep and always feel like I am moving through a fog the next day.  Therefore, I have been looking for snacks and smoothies that will give me a little extra bust during the day.

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