#SundaySupper: Prosecco Sangria

#SundaySupper is a group of bloggers who are on a mission to bring back supper around the family table in every home.  This week everyone is writing about what Sunday Supper means to them.

I made sangria for the dinner party!!  I love sangria!  I get to put my favorite fruits in delicious wine.  YUM!

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The Weekly Dish: 07/28/2012

The Olympics have started!!!  I love it!!  This is a video of the women’s soccer team.

The Weekly Dish!!  Recipes from this blog.

Recipes from blogs I follow!


Peach Jam with Apricots and Black Pepper from Sassy Radish


Cheddar Jalapeno Bacon Scones from Magnolia Days

Main Dish

Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower Flatbread Pizza from Aggie’s Kitchen

Crispy Pesto Parmesan Chicken from Cooking Classy


Turkish Delight from Yummy Books

Lemon Poke Cake from Bake or Break

Peach Tart from Not Derby Pie

Tuna Salad Sandwich

My friend Arbor made these.  Everyone loved them!  The giardiniera peppers were really spicy!  They added a nice zip to the sandwich.

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Spring Rolls and Peanut Sauce


Those delicious spring rolls were made by my friend Kelzee.  They vanished rather quickly.  She also made this great peanut sauce.  Which added some wonderful flavoring to the spring rolls veggieness. (its a word, I just created it)

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Pico de Gallo with Mangos

My friend Zach made this delicious pico de gallo!!  I loved it.  I am definitely going to be making it soon.

Zach says, “Pico de gallo is super easy and easily adaptable to what you’ve got around. It’s a good side dish for any “scraps” that are laying around.  {It is also} good in tacos as well. Next time I think I’ll add more mango. Pico de gallo in Spanish means “beak of the rooster”. It’s not something to be taken seriously.” Continue reading

Spinach Basil Pasta Salad

I had  a dinner party!!  It was great; wonderful people and scrumptious food.  We also played a mean game of aggravation.  My team was so close to winning.  So close!!!!  But alas, we lost.  I call for a rematch!!

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#SundaySupper: Grilled Chicken Pita Sandwich

#SundaySupper is a group of bloggers who are on a mission to bring back supper around the family table in every home.  This week everyone is cooking from The Mom 100 Cookbook by Katie Workman.

This is crazy!  I improvised!  Normally, I strictly follow recipes.  I am just not confident that I can alter something and it will still taste good.  But today I did not have a recipe and so I was spontaneous.

AND IT WORKED!!!!!  Ok, to start for #sundaysupper we are making something from Katie Workman’s cookbook.  I don’t have the cookbook so I had to use one of the recipes that is online already.  She has a parsley, lemon, rosemary roast chicken recipe that I thought might taste good grilled.  Not to mention there is no way I am going to turn on the oven in this heat.  (Also, I used parsley instead of rosemary.  I forgot to buy rosemary.)

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The Weekly Dish: 7/21/2012

I really enjoy this song.  I also love the flickering lights too 🙂

This is the weekly dish!  Here are the recipes from my blog from last week!

Chicken Ranch Tacos

Blackberry-Peach Granita

Here are the recipes from other blogs I follow!


Brown Butter-Peach Scones from Tutti Dolce

Raspberry Sweet Rolls from Scarborough Food Fair


Homemade Beef Jerky from 30 Pounds of Apples


Cantaloupe Popsicles from Tutti Dolci

Peach and Cornmeal Upside-Down Cake from Cake Duchess

Cherry Nutella Hand Pies from Eats Well With Others

Blackberry-Peach Granita

The past few days have been so hot!!!  I can not function properly in crazy heat.  It is a good thing I don’t live any farther south.  I might never be productive again!

My favorite way to beat the heat is with yummy ice cold desserts.  Therefore, I give you blackberry peach granita.  I love my coffee granita and I had some left over peaches and blackberries around.  So I thought I would give it a whirl.

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