The Weekly Dish: 11/17/2012

This is a wonderful video of Lianne La Havas singing Is Your Love Big Enough? It is such a pretty song.  Hope you enjoy!

The Weekly Dish!  Here are the recipes from this blog for the last week.

Snickerdoodle Snack Mix

Tomato and Cilantro Soup

Spiced Apple Cider Sorbet

Chicken Korma

Here are recipes from blogs I follow.

Side Dish

Bacon Cheddar Cornbread from Eat Boutique


Chicken Dumpling Soup From Fast Food to Fresh Food

Lentil and Roasted Vegetable Soup from Scarborough Food Fair


“Hot Buttered Rum” Apple Pie from Eats Well With Others

Candied Chestnuts from Vanilla Garlic

Cardamon Honey Pear Upside-down Cake from You Made That?

#SundaySupper: Spanish Garlic Soup

#SundaySupper is a group of bloggers who are on a mission to bring back super around the family table in every home.  This week Susan at The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen is hosting and the theme is dishes that keep you warm.

I have a wonderful book called The Soup Bible.  When sunday supper decided on this theme I went straight for that book.  There is a section called winter warming soup!  Perfect!  I want to try all of them, but this one really stuck out to me.  It has a rather interesting process.  It is very simple.  However, it gets unique at the end.  You ladle the soup into single serving bowls and then crack an egg into it and put bread on top of that and bake it for a few minutes to poach the egg.  It’s brilliant and makes for a full meal.

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Roasted Pumpkin and Coconut Soup

I love soup!!!  And I have never made anything with real pumpkin.  Therefore, last time I went to the farmer’s market I decided to buy one.  For some reason I was really nervous about cooking with a real pumpkin, but it was so easy!  Just like squash, except bigger.  I don’t know what else I am going to make with pumpkin.  But, I definitely am going to use it more this fall!

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The Weekly Dish: 10/27/2012

The election is coming!  And I found this interesting video to answer the question- “Why do we vote on Tuesday?”

And without further ado!  Here is the weekly dish!!  From this blog-

Chicken Chowder

Bacon-Wrapped Figs Stuffed with Asiago Cheese

Apple Dutch Baby

From blogs I follow-

Side Dish

Honey Cornbread Gruyere Muffins from Lovely Pantry

Twice Baked Sweet Potato Skins with Pecan Streusel from Closet Cooking

Main Dish

Southern Potato Soup from Amuse Bouche

Balsamic Beef Stew from Baked Bree


Irish Apple Dumplin’ from farmette

Banana Cake with Mocha Frosting and Salted Candied Peanuts from Eats Well With Others


Cider and Bourbon from Two Tarts

#SundaySupper: Chicken Chowder

#SundaySupper is a group of bloggers who are on a mission to bring back supper around the family table in every home.  This week the theme is comfort food.

Whenever I think of comfort food I always think of soup.  Soup always makes things better.  If I have a cold or if I am homesick I want soup.  Soup always makes me feel better; always warms my soul.  I use to have to go out for soup.  But I am working on it.  I have been collecting soup recipes and slowly but surely attempting to make them.  Some times they are horrible, but lately I have been making some really delicious soup!!!

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The Weekly Dish: 04/15/2012

Last night I went on a bar blitz with the Sexual Violence Center to raise awareness about sexual assault!  It was so much fun.  We had a game to play and most everyone loved it.  We also gave free t-shirts to anyone who posted on Facebook or Twitter about seeing us.  A ton had photos with me and other volunteers.  I look forward to finding all the fabulous photos of myself.  🙂

The Sexual Violence Center is an amazing organization doing great work in the Twin Cities and Minnesota at large.  Check up out and if you want some T and A, Tips and Answers.  I know that’s what you were thinking, look here!!

This is the Weekly Dish!  Here are the recipes from the last week.

Raspberry Buttercream

Raspberry Pineapple Smoothie

Cocoa-Nut Almond Energy Balls

Coffee Granita

Tequila-Lime Chicken

And here are recipes I have bookmarked from other blogs!


Sausage Mushroom Strata from Haute Apple Pie

Jalapeno Cheddar Bagels from Brown Eyed Baker

Drinks/ Cream

Cashew Cream from Munchin with Munchkin

Banana Daiquiri from Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide


Chilled Papaya Soup with Pisco and Lime from The Kitchn

Main Dish

Meatball Sub Pizza from Confections of a Foodie Bride


Pineapple-Coconut Macaroons from David Lebovitz

Champagne Mango Custard Tart from Panfusine

Irish Carrot Potato Soup

Last but not least the soup!  This soup is pureed, so there are zero chunks of anything.  My friend, Leslie, has been to Ireland and is partially Irish.  She told me this is how it is done in Ireland.  Pureed soup.  Works for me.

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The Weekly Dish 02/26/2012

There is the Weekly Dish: recipes from this blog.


Peeta’s Raisin Nut Bread

Pesto Chicken Casserole

Sage Salvation Tea

Boozy Banana Pound Cake

Irish Soda Bread

Honey Roasted Moroccan Spiced Cashews

Recipes from other blogs I like.


Homemade Butter from Chez Us

Roasted Red Pepper and Walnut “Pesto” from girlichef

Soup and Stew

Roasted Poblano Beef Stew from My Baking Addiction

Creamy Cauliflower Soup from eCurry

Side Dish

Purple Cauliflower and Potato Gratin from Cake Duchess

Coconut Daal from US Masala

Main Dish

Creamy Chipotle Shrimp with Mushrooms and Wild Rice from Homesick Texan


Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread from Dramatic Pancake

Easy Spicy Garlic Bread in a Pot from joy the Baker


Blonde Brownies with Maple Cream Sauce and Walnuts from You Made That?

Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake from Pinch of Yum

Earl Grey Chocolate Cake from shutterbean


Milk Punch from Ezra Pound Cake

The Weekly Dish 02/12/2012

One of my coworkers is sick right now.  Therefore, I had to come in last night and all today.  No problem, but I forgot to bring my photos to work.  So I can’t upload this amazing and delicious recipe for you all.  I will publish it tonight, I promise.  It was so yummy!  Oh well, no big deal.

Here is the weekly dish, my recipes for the week.

Lemon Blueberry Muffins with Coconut Streusel

Sweet and Spicy Mushroom Stir Fry

Cheese Crackers

Curried Red Lentil Burgers

Pad Thai

Jalapeno Feta Scones

Fried Rice

This is the list of recipes I bookmarked this week from other blogs.

Main Dish

Gnocchi and Bacon Gratin with Garlic Bechamel from Lauren’s Latest

Spicy Thai Steak from Love and Olive Oil

Steak with Drunken Mushrooms and Roasted Blue Cheese Potatoes from The Kitchn

Chipotle Glazed Squash, Cilantro Lime Rice and Refried Black Beans from Cookie and Kate


Soup Dumplings and Irresponsible Wonton Soup from Foodie with Family


Pomegranate Molasses from The Kitchn (I have never heard of such a thing, but I am intrigued)


Swedish Cardamom Buns from Bon Appetempt

Coconut Scones from Heather’s Dish


Nutella, Double Chocolate and Banana Tart from Lea and Jay (All my favorite things in one place!)

Italian Cream Puffs with Custard Filling from Eats Well With Others